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VINCI Constructions & ZETAS

HD,  26',  2013

Director: Marie Béchaux

Photography : Ertan Ipeker, Marie Béchaux

Editor : Arthur de Lipowski et Daniel Hajnal

Production : ZETAS

Series of 3 interviews of leaders's ZETAS and VINCI Construction.

Center Léo Kanner

Vidéo, 5'20, 2012

Director, photography and editing : Marie Béchaux

Reportage for the center of Leo Kanner, medical and educational center for autistic children between 6 and 20 years. Through the life inside the center, different methods of rehabilitation are shown, such as PECS and verbalization.


vidéo, 12',  2012

Director and photography : Marie Béchaux 

Sond : Bertrand Glosset

Editing : Arthur de Lipowski

Production : Cetbiomed

Series of 6 films about pain, conducted with Dr. Pierre Tajfel, pain specialist.

Small hands center

Vidéo, 5', 2011

Director, photography and editing : Marie Béchaux

Reportage for the SESSAD Small hands, Education Services and Specialized Care At Home. The center provides children with autism, a specialized educational work in partnership with schools.


Vidéo, 2'30, 2011

Director, photography and editing : Marie Béchaux

The Resource Center for autism of the Haute-Normandie has a documentation place. Valerie Moignard, archivist, presents the tools and books available.

Tom Pousse et Ecole 2 demain

Vidéo, 2011, 8 X 5'

Photography : Bertrand Glosset et Marie Béchaux

Editor : Nuno Pires 

Tompousse editions, specializing in learning disabilities and School Association Ecole 2 demain, present  methods and aids available for children DYS.


Paul Reynard, sculptor of sonds

by Josée Raynard and Sophie Douce de la Salle

Vidéo, 2010, 6'30


Director : Julie Romano et Marie Béchaux

photography:  Marie Béchaux

Sond : Julie Romano

Editor: Maéva Issico 

During the retrospective of the painter Paul Reynard at MOMA, Josée Reynard, sculptor artist, make a portrait of her husband.


Autism - the siblings

Vidéo, 2010, 26'

Photography :  Marie Béchaux

Sond : Esteban Zuniga

Editing : Maéva Issico 

Meeting capture for the Resource Center for Autism in Haute-Normandie, with Mrs Lamour, Sesam autism.


Dyspraxia et society

Vidéo, 2010, 20'

Photography :  Marie Béchaux

Editor : Maéva Issico 

Meeting capture for dyspraxia Association  with Philippe Liotard, teacher and researcher at the Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon.


Dyspraxia at scholl

Vidéo, 2009, 26'

Photography : Marie Béchaux, Julie Romano, Bastien Hallot

Sond: Nicolas Menzer

Editor : Maéva Issico 

Meeting capture for the dyspraxia association with  Caroline Huron, researcher in cognitive sciences at CEA-I2BM and INSERM, Dr. Alain Pouhet, functional rehabilitation doctor at the University Hospital of Poitiers and Philippe Van der Herreweghe, administrator of FIPHP and ministerial Delegate for employment and integration of disabled people.


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