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Plaper pane

52', HD


Production : Les films grain de sable

Bourse Brouillon d'un rêve, SCAM 2014,

ECLA Aquitaine, 2015

When words draw space, when dyspraxia meeting dyslexia, the name of the movie can only be Plaper pane. When a child can't situate his body in space, it's the cinéma who becames dyspraxia. Though this neurological disorder, this movie questions us about space and movement.

The phone of Sunday

HD, 12 mins, 2016


Production : Aïe caméra!

Director and photography : Marie Béchaux

Assistant : Olivier Durie

Long time, recently, fathers and mothers, children or friends have a close prisoner in the penitentiary center of Orleans. For twenty years on the RCF Loiret Radio, they can send every Sunday,  their hope and support messages. The film reveals a second sentence, the families waiting, locked out.



HDV, 5 et 4 mins, 2016

Production : Arteliers

Image et son : Marie Béchaux

ADAPEI de la Gironde and Conseil Départemental de la Gironde

In whim of strip boxes, there are men and women with mental handicap who, during a dance or cartoon workshop, discover them and inviting us into their imaginations.


2016 - Salon Autonomic, Bordeaux, France

2016 - Festival des arts multiples, Fort Médoc, France 



 Whim o strip boxes
The flower with mustaches

57', HDV, 2015

Production : Aie caméra!

Director and photography : Marie Béchaux

Editor : Arthur de Lipowski

with the help of ARS Agence Régionale de Santé Ile de France and France Alzheimer Landes.


2016 - Favorite of the Jury at the ImagéSanté International Festival, Liege, Belgium
2015 - Special Mention / Price - Social Look at the documentary festival Traces Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, France
2013 - Thessaloniki International Film Festival's / Doc Market, Thessaloniki, Greece

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Childhood's garden

Vidéo, 4'44, 2008

Production : Aie caméra!

Director and photography : Marie Béchaux

Editor : Arthur de Lipowski

with France Alzheimer Landes.

Childhood's garden is a poem of family, which connects the different memories aroud the Alzheimer's patient.


2014 - RISC Festival, International Meeting of Cinema and Sciences, Marseille, France

The delights of age

Vidéo, 26', 2008

Production : ESEC

Directors and photography : Julie Romano, Laura Hasse de Queiroz, Stéphanie Brewster, Anne Cohuet et Marie Béchaux

Editors : Jean Guillaume Buckel, Arthur de Lipowski et Vincent Thomann

What becomes love with age? This documentary brings a different perspective on the feelings and acts in love when the Old Age seizes the body. Sylvie, Jean, Josée, Thérèse, Breda and Jacques, aged 67 to 81 years, sharing their experiences of yesterday and today.

For me blue

Vidéo, 4', 2005


Production: Centre Majeraou

Directors : Cécile Berque et Marie Béchaux

Editing : Marie Béchaux


Through this document, we discover how art can help people to live with their disability.


2006 -  Spécial Jury Prize at the Festival de l'Image, Mont de Marsan, France


Vidéo, 3', 2004


Directors, photography and editing : Cécile Berque et Marie Béchaux

White sheets for hospitals in Africa.


2005 - Special Jury Prize at the Concours young citizen reporters and broadcast by the channel Public Sénat.

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