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Based on a book of Jean-Pierre LEMESLE

Director Dominique MARTIGNE

1st director assistant Marie BECHAUX

Sound creation Christophe BOULANGER

With François PÉRACHE Marie-Ambryme ROSSIGNOLE

PRODUCTION Ville de Vitry-sur-Seine and Productions Middle 8, ECPAD

The opera of stone

Format HD, Archives, 17'



The opera of stone is a poem-film directed by Dominique Martigne for the centenary of the first world war 14-18.




Alexandre Marius



documentary-fiction, 90'

HD, Animation, Super 8 et 16 mn





Director Olivier DURIE

Photography Alice DESPLATS

1st Director Assistant Marie BECHAUX

With Jérome MARIN, Valérian RENAULT, Hugo ZERMATTI, Cyril COUTON, Maxime COUDOUR

PRODUCTION Les Films Grain de Sable

CNC, CICLIC, SCAM, Ciné Cinéma, Histoire, Bip TV


Alexandre Marius Jacob revisits the France of the Belle Epoque. It is a mad rush of an incredible anarchist burglar.


2010 - present

2010 - present

07 |2011



Fiction , 6'10
Format HD





Director Etem ŞAHIN

IPhotographie Marie BECHAUX

With Iwan Onur GULECEK, Aynur ÖNDER, Etem ŞAHIN



A conversation about fertility, identity man and woman, hope, and Ouroboros (a serpent's tail or dragon) metaphor of regeneration.

2011 FESTIVAL IF Istanbul

To see further

Documentary , HD, 52'





Director Hélène MICHEL-BECHET

2d camera Marie BECHAUX

PRODUCTION Bix Films & Naoh production



05 |2011


They are between 16 and 21 years, are in a situation of "dropout" and envision their future with great uncertainty. In a high school of Epinal, a teacher manages an assistance device for professional integration. She imagined a journey into the unknown country to help teens overcome their limits and regain confidence.

Run of river

Documentary , 26'
Format HD, animation





Director Bernard TREMEGES

1st Director Assistant Marie BECHAUX

Photography Frédéric DI MEO

Sound Esteban ZUNIGA

Animation Qutaiba BARHAMJI

PRODUCTION Vidéo design



06 |2010


Journey inside the Earth with sewer workers of SEVESC.

The man who

dreamed to have

a child

Fiction , 35 mm, 86'





Director Delphine GLEIZE

Music Arthur H

Photography Crystel FOURNIER

Sound Maxime GAVAUDAN

Assistant Stage Manager Marie BECHAUX

With Darry COWL, Arthus DE PENGUERN, Esther GORINTIN, Valérie DONZELLI

PRODUCTION Haut et court



05 |2005


For some reason he ignores, Alfred lost speech that's way he decide to adopt but the child is not exactly what he expected ...

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